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    Fastbot is a new Chatbot service for brands, from mobile emerging technology agency BAM Mobile. We help you connect to your customers on messaging apps - quickly and painlessly. Chatbots create opportunities to get closer to your audience by fuelling the conversation and driving engagement. We offer 3 services;

    Quickbot: Get a Chatbot live in around two weeks


    Quickbot gets you up and running with a Chatbot on Facebook Messenger or Telegram. We work with you to set up the rules, create the questions and deliver on-message responses. Quickbot is ideal to help create your first Chatbot. Our clients are using this service to launch Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) get customer feedback on existing products and services and gather valuable user data.

    Enhancedbot: A custom messaging application in a month


    Enhancedbot gives your customers a richer experience and offers more integration and reporting. We offer a choice of messaging platforms including Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Slack, Kik and more - with the ability to integrate with your API and feedback into to your existing reporting process and KPIs.


    We'll work closely with your marketing and technical teams to connect everything up - building a custom made messaging application. Our clients are using Enhancedbot to generate new revenue streams, track purchase paths and use the data to inform customer experience across mobile and web platforms.

    Bespokebot: A personalised messaging customer experience


    Bespokebot offers a fully customisable messaging application. Your customers receive a rich messaging experience using the latest AI and machine learning processes. Your business benefits from in-depth analysis, reporting, personalised interactions by segment, location or individual.


    We can help you deliver a coordinated cross-platform messaging application for less than the yearly cost of an in-house full time developer. We are working with some major brands and clients across multiple platforms to create commerce-enabled, API driven applications that win. We'd love to help your business do the same. Drop us a line at hello@fastbot.io



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    Check out the official Robbie Williams Chatbot, See the latest in emerging technology with Oracle Cloud, Party in Ibiza with Absolut find out how bots work and or head down the book rabbit hole with WonderBot. Get the latest insights and see what's in beta, MVP and more

    Cloud Event Bot

    Multi country event planner chatbot

    Working in partnership with Oracle on their new intelligent bots platform to showcase content from their global cloud day events

    Absolut Ibiza

    The only place to be this summer

    Our chatbot lets you know about all best parties, clubs and events in Ibiza - you can also win VIP passes, exclusive boat trips and more. Get the party started here

    Pan Macmillan Book Finder

    Book recommendation made easy

    An early look at our book recommendation chatbot for Major publisher Pan Macmillan. Find books by conversation through expertly curated genre, author, age and more

    Robbie Williams Official Chatbot

    Talk to Robbot

    We developed Pop legend Robbie Williams's chatbot for Facebook Messenger. Featuring stories, music, videos, chat and more. Strike up a conversation with Robbot here


    A Chatbot to make it easier to use bots

    Getting to grips with bots can be a challenge. We made BOTbot to help businesses understand the basics of how they work and what they can do. Have a chat with BOTbot here.


    A Chatbot all about Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

    Find out about Alice In Wonderland. With character profiles, original imagery, author information, games and more to explore. See WonderBot here

    Emoji Faces

    Find out what Emojis mean

    Visual communication is the future - but some emojis can be hard to understand. Emoji Faces is here to help you work out what that they mean. Send our bot any of the ‘face’ emojis to get an explanation. Emoji Faces are here.

    The future of publishing

    Fastbot featured in Bookseller.com insights article on chat, messaging and AI

    What publishers and authors need to know about emerging platforms to keep competitive, excite readers and generate revenue

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    The process of designing and building bots

    Tips and practical insights into the bot building process - we open up here on messaging best practice, creating conversation trees, data and analytics

    The XYZ of Bots

    The latest articles and insights about Bots, AI & Messaging

    Find out about bots, and how you can profit from the massive changes in communication. Our curated list of articles and insights is here

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    We can get you up and running on Facebook Messenger, Slack, Kik, Telegram and more. We'll let you know which platforms are the best for your business and how you can interact with your customers more effectively.

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