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  • AuthorBot - The future of books

    AuthorBot is new service for book publishers, agents and authors from digital innovation experts BAM Mobile.

    We create author chatbots on platforms including Facebook Messenger, Slack and Telegram, and deliver voice activated book discovery and reading services for Amazon Echo and Google Now.


    How people are discovering and consuming books is changing. Authorbot can help you profit from these changes.


    Latest: Get an early look at our book recommendation chatbot for Pan Macmillan

    Publisher and Authors nsights: See what The Bookseller think about the future of books - with Input from BAM

  • How can Authorbot help?

     Authorbot offers a way to quickly and easily create an author chatbot that readers can interact with.

    Readers can find out about plot, characters, backstory and access exclusive content through messaging.


    Over 4 billion people use the main messaging platforms on a regular basis - our chatbot service taps into that market to offer publishers a new engagement channel. Revenue opportunities exist for sales of physical books, ebooks, audiobooks and associated events, tours and merchandise.


    See our book recommendation chatbot for Pan Macmillan, Wonderbot - our Alice in Wonderland chatbot or strike up a conversation with the UK's biggest pop star, Robbie Williams in his official bot, created by the Authorbot team.


    Readers can find out more about the characters and how their world is constructed. They can take quizzes on knowledge of genres or previous books or series from the author.


    The chatbot can be use for pre-marketing ahead of launch, for teaser chapters, reveals or announcements.


    additional product revenue is possible from characters, book titles or tie-ins.


    Authors can answer reader queries, and chat with multiple readers in their own words - without adding to author time commitment or cost.


    Our chatbots create an authentic conversation with readers using AI, NLP and guided elements. Authors can also jump into conversations to support book tours or conduct an AMA - with revenue opportunities on physical sales, ebooks and merchandise.



    We can integrate video, audio, images, emojis, or animated gifs to give readers a compelling experience.


    Content can be updated regularly and an ongoing communication channel can be opened up to help grow subscriptions.


    Author interviews, reviews or book extracts can be added and personalised for each user so their book discovery or reading experience is unique to them.

  • What does AuthorBot do?

    Engage with readers, interact automatically and analyse conversations to improve communication and marketing

    Create Authentic conversations

    Create real-time connections with readers automatically. One-to-One interaction with minimal author time.

    Add Excitement and anticipation

    Plot teasers, chapters or reveals keeps readers primed for the next book launch.

    Communicate Regularly

    Interact with fans on an ongoing basis. Use chatbots to inform book marketing or grow your subscriber base.

    Improve social KPIs

    Increase awareness and visibility of social channels while reducing community management cost.

    Grow your audience

    Clear analytics show you how readers are engaging with your authors - for how long, with which content. Ee use this data to improve search, marketing and content across digital channels.

  • Who do we work with?

    We work closely with major publishing houses and literary agents, direct with authors and with book startups to create messaging, voice and AI book services.


    Get more readers - using the authentic voice of the author

    Create a new channel for awareness, content and revenue, and give readers a personalised book experience. Generate powerful in-bot or voice based user data to support new books, classic reprints or pre-launch books. Reduce the cost, improve effectiveness of social media.


    Communicate directly with readers - automatically

    Get closer to your readers, Connect with them on a regular basis without adding additional work or time to your schedule. Get direct feedback and create additional revenue channels. Self publishing platform opportunities.

    Literary agents

    Maximise author talent opportunities

    Understand the impact of prospective or new authors. Test reader appetite and get direct feedback Use AI and guided content to inform plot, character or title decisions. Create an audience.

  • Opportunities in Voice search and discovery

    New technologies create opportunities for authors and publishers

    "Find me a book on crime......"

    • Authorbot offers a voice activated search and reading service using Amazon Alexa and Google Now.


    • Readers can find new books by asking simple questions or set their device to automatically recommend new titles on a regular basis.


    • Book extracts can be read by the author.  Direct purchase for physical books, ebooks or seamless audio book integration can be accessed from the devices.


    • To keep ahead of the competition  we can integrate your book titles into the Amazon or Google voice eco-system


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