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  • The future of fan engagement

    We've just launched the official Robbie Williams Chatbot for Sony Music. Strike up a conversation with Robbot here


    Fans want to get closer to artists and talent. Our platform automatically creates that connection

    for music, film, TV and celebrity talent - and we do it quickly.


    We can get your artists and talent connecting, conversing and engaging with their fans rapidly. There are over 1 billion users on Facebook Messenger alone - and with WhatsApp and Apple iMessage adding another 2 billion audience soon - the stakes, and user numbers are high - but the cost and time to market isn't...

  • Who do we work with?

    We work closely with record labels, film companies, artist and talent management to create bespoke Chatbots. Fans get one-to-one relationship with artists - without the need to create additional content.


    Engagement and revenue are increased - through a high value, always-on communication channel. Revenue opportunities are created from streaming plays, physical product sales, ticketing and merchandising. There's a big opportunity to delight fans, now.

    Record labels

    Get closer to fans - using your artists' authentic voice

    Your artists and talent can talk directly to their fans, creating a closer connection to them, and giving them a personalised experience. New music, videos, interviews and more are available - with the ability to analyse and act on popular conversations and content to increase retention.

    Artist & talent management

    Technology to harness the business of talent

    We're experienced in working with some big names, understand the nuances of music and entertainment talent requirements - and have the knowhow to harness messaging for bottom-line benefit.

    Film and TV companies

    Maximising entertainment engagement

    Over 400 series were commissioned on streaming channels in 2015 - Film and TV are in a golden age. We're working directly with some major production and commissioning companies to enhance talent profiles and engage fan bases in new and exciting ways.

  • What does TalentBot do for business?

    Engage with fans, interact automatically and deliver excitement

    Create Authentic conversations

    Create real-time connections with fans, automatically. One-to-One interaction with minimal talent time

    Add Excitement and anticipation

    Adding 'easter eggs' to your artist Chatbot keeps fans coming back for more - from live chats, to exclusive content and giveaways

    Grow your Subscription base

    Interact with fans on a daily basis. Schedule in time to connect on the latest artist or talent news on the channels people use regularly

    Improves social KPIs

    Get upto 500% more Facebook engagement. Increase visiblity and reduce advertising spend dramatically

    Increase your audience

    Our analytics show you how fans are engaging with your talent - for how long, with which content - we use this data to improve your bot with in-depth understanding.

  • How long does it take?

    'We can get you up and running with a bespoke artist or talent chatbot in under a matter of weeks'

    Roy Murphy, founder, Fastbot.io


    We've done the hard work on how customers use Chatbots, the questions they ask and the content they are looking for. We've simplified the process into 3 easy to understand areas

    1. Simple Chatbot setup


    We've already done a lot of the work for you - and can offer simple templating of everything from getting your bot set up, writing conversation trees, analysing data and enhancing connectivity.


    We can also manage the whole process and get your talent bot ready for prime time for you. Your call.

    2. Chatbot Automation


    This is a snap. We've simplified chatbot design, configuration and tuning into a fine art. No complex technology to incorporate. We work with whatever technology and marketing stack required


    RSS feeds, Json, social, affiliates and tracking are all easily integrated if needed - if not, we'll simply get you up and running, help you test and learn at whatever level suits you best


    3. Chatbot Growth


    Who is interacting with your talent bot? where are they based? how long do they spend with your artist, what is their favourite content? what is their likely path to purchase?


    Data (and knowing how to act on it) is a powerful tool. You can track the most important metrics and deliver more personalised content - and fan experiences

  • How are people engaging with bots?

    Our latest insights on how people are using chat and messaging

    User responsiveness: 97%

    Good bots keep people talking and retain their impact after launch. We have seen very high levels of responsiveness in our bots - meaning users are finding valuable content.

    Push notifications read: 95%

    Direct contact with users on a scheduled basis (typically once a day) straight to their mobile device. Well targeted broadcast messages bring users back to your bot on a regular basis.

    Deleted conversations by users < .1%

    Unlike apps, Chatbots are much less likely to be deleted by users, making them feel more connected and giving opportunities to strengthen artist and fan relationships.

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